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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

nEARly there, but not quite.

This shot shows the underside of the Ear sp. that I trapped two nights back.
I have always trusted "Skinner" 100% and he indicates (although not foolproof) that when the hind wings are viewed from the underside, the Large Ear has "a conspicuous discal spot and a thick, wavy postmedian line", as the photograph shows.
I have spent quite a bit of time trying to compare my rather botched dissection of this female with the preparations shown on the mothdissection website. I hadn't anticipated that the scale removal was going to be so difficult. Furthermore, inexperience leads me to question things as I view the specimen from different angles. I am fairly confident it isn't Saltern or Crinan and disappointed that I can't finish the job.


  1. You may well get another chance, Andy. Ear sp seem quite abundant this year, so far I've recorded 10 as opposed to 2 last year. If I get an unusually large one I will examine it closely (or send it to you!)

  2. Is it really worth killing the moth....for a personal record, and a botched job to boot? Does it really have to be posted here?