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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Is Autumn Coming Early at Maenol?

This Centre-barred Sallow from last night's trap is certainly earlier than usual:

Two particularly pretty moths  were content to remain outside the trap, and so far they've avoided the attentions of the marauding Blue Tits:

                Peach Blossom                            Beautiful China-mark

But the star of last night's show was a Clay Triple-lines, only the second time I've seen it here:


  1. Nice, 2nd brood CTLines, I wonder if that is down to the hot settled spell of weather we had.
    What do you use the 0-76mm part of your rule for?

    1. The 'rule' is 'scenes of crime' tape, the relic of a former life. It can be cut to the required length and the tape is self-adhesive once the backing strip is peeled off. My supply is dwindling but similar tape can be found on eBay.

  2. I`ve noticed that others (on various twitter groups) are commenting on early emergence dates this with the hot weather certainly rushing things forward. The same is happening with plants eg I`ve got a garden Michaelmas daisy in flower already (it`s normally Sept-Oct).

  3. I endure the attentions of two young robins while I sort my trap, they get under my feet, nip in and steal any moth they can see. I do enjoy them struggling with one of the LYUs though, they are still novices!