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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Ear we go again!

Following Chris's post, I too had two , what I believe to be Ear Moths this morning.
Along with an Anomalous, and another that may or may not be, a Garden Dart. All new for me if correct.


  1. I've not seen Anomalous so you make me think I should put my trap out again tonight.
    Your last LBJ is looking a bit like a small square spot to me.

  2. I wondered about that but it doesn't have the central black dot. I was also looking at the light fringe like a Garden Dart.

  3. Sorry, I meant to write Square-spot Rustic.

  4. I tried to comment this morning but my iPod was playing up - the last one is definitely a Square-spot Rustic I'm afraid. The toothed line outside the stigmas is the first mark I look at for that species.

  5. Many thanks. I'd rather ask than miss something. Still new to this!!!!