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Monday, 20 August 2018

Damp night at Cnwc; definitely not a Squib though!

Just like Chris, I found the forecast was wrong - there was constant drizzle when I arose at 06:00 - but unlike Chris the moths remained and were amazingly numerous for August.  I logged 145 Large Yellow-underwings, but many others made it into double figures, including 18 Sharp-angled Peacock, 18 Flame Shoulder, 23 Setaceous HC, 13 Silver Y, 18 Ear sp. (about half of which had underside line/spot as in Andy's photos so I'm hoping to gen det one as Large Ear) and 15 Celypha lacunana.  There was quality alongside quantity: 1 Clay Triple-lines (new for Cnwc), 1 Scorched Wing (first ever 2nd generation record for VC44), 1 Double Kidney (3rd Cnwc record), 1 Small Rufous, 1 Agriphila latistria (3rd Cnwc), 1 Acleris sparsana (2nd Cnwc), 1 Epermenia falciformis (2nd Cnwc), 1 Epinotia immundana (new for Cnwc), 2 Epiblema cirsiana (fresh 2nd generation individuals with dark hindwings) and a long-awaited Apotomis capreana (1st for Carmarthenshire although there have been a few claims without photo confirmation). Final tally was 92 species.


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  1. That was a good night's trapping, Sam. I admire your patience for counting all those LYUs etc. I didn't have quite as many as you, but gave up counting at 40, likewise for Silver Ys at 20. Accurate counting when there are so many, and lively with it, is beyond me.