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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Bancyffordd 17/8

I ran my actinic last night and had four new species for the year which should have increased to six had my dexterity been a little better.
Apologies for the poor shots.
The first one wouldn't sit still so after the third recapture, the shot is from the tube. I think it is Argyresthia albistria.

Slightly better shot of what I think is Cydia ulicatana.
I have a couple of Paronix which I believe to be devoniella but these are a bit like the first moth.
My Devon Carpet won't behave either.

....and just for Chris, another autumnal moth, mid August !?


  1. 17th August is early for Sallow, but there is another record from 17th August 2009 and even one from 12th August 2004 (caught by Barry Stewart at Pont-Henri).

  2. I've had Sallow in August - but not until 31st, we're certainly getting signs of an early autumn moth-wise. Could be interesting. I'll be shining a light tonight.