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Monday, 9 July 2018

The micros come out of solitary

After thirty hours in the fridge I attempted to photograph Saturday night's micros. A nicely marked Oegoconia sp. flew off as I was focussing my first shot, and I was almost glad that its species couldn't be identified without dissection. Next up was a Syncopacma - maybe Taeniolella? Is there any way to tell?
Does a picture of the underside help?
Next up was a very uppity Tortrix, Pammene aurita. I snapped this record shot before it departed.
Quite pretty but very quick.
Then I photographed another very active micro, this time an Agonopterix - could it be conterminella?
Finally the dark, thickened areas on the legs of this plume suggest to me that it is Dusky Plume.


  1. Those all look good to me Adam. For the Syncopacma, you need to spread out the wings to see if the pale band goes right across the forewing (=taeniolella) or not.


  2. Thanks for the tip, makes more sense than the book!

  3. You have to extend the underside wings....