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Monday, 2 July 2018

Small Fry

I trapped on a very small scale last night, not feeling up to facing large numbers in the early hours, and it worked out fine, the small 6W actinic contained a mere 45 moths this morning.  Pick of the bunch was a Grass Emerald, only my second record, the first being in 2013.

The last occasion on which I used this trap, last Wednesday night in a different part of the garden, was notable in that I found a fully-grown Drinker Moth larva close by, and later discovered an adult moth in the trap.

Drinker Moth-to-be

On that occasion the trap also contained an unfamiliar Tortricid:

I have tentatively identified iit as Epinotia signatana, perhaps someone would be kind enough to tell me whether I'm on the right track!


  1. Must be a good year in this area for Grass Emeralds Chris - I had 3 at once in porch last week.

  2. You are correct with the Epinotia signatana, which has just 16 Carms records. You caught one at Maenol in 2016, Chris.

  3. Thanks for reminding me Sam, your quite right, I recorded it in August 2016.