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Monday, 2 July 2018

Questions, questions.

Lots of moths I cant identify or am uncertain of . Help gratefully received. Plus a Cloaked Carpet ( I hope)
 Above  ????
And below - is this Willow Beauty or could it be Feathered????
 Dingy Shell?
 Dingy Shell?
Cloaked Carpet


  1. I could be corrected, I would say Engrailed and Willow Beauty (Feathered beauty has different shaped antennae). Looks as if your Dingy Shell was much better behaved than mine. Cloaked carpet, fine specimen.

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    1. That's where I was going with the first two, but wanted to be certain. Thanks .
      Dingy Shell is a First

  3. Andy's right on all 4. Feathered Beauty is ultra-implausible in Carms: you really only need to consider Willow, Mottled and Satin Beauties and (Small) Engrailed here in summer. Further east there are Pale and Great Oak Beauties, but I don't think we've got them in Carms.