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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Plenty in the traps...

Two garden traps at Pwll last night (30/6): 1 MV, 1 mains actinic. Nothing madly exciting and no migrants, as the southerly airflow is seemingly coming in this evening (Sunday).
The usual range of late June moths, with several possible FFYs (can`t be certain, as I have n`t trapped enough) eg yellow-tails, lackeys, red-necked footman etc. Some photos below:

 Above: this is the first time that I`ve caught the scarce (female) buff form of poplar hawk-moth. I also had a tiny (grey-coloured) individual that was only a quarter of the normal size.
                                Above: lackey, a common component of my summer traps.
 Above: scarce burnished brass - there`s plenty of its food-plant (hemp agrimony) growing locally.
                                                    Above: a slightly worn dog`s-tooth.
 Above: round-winged muslin, a visitor from nearby fen habitat; there were also scores of dead water veneers in my traps, especially the actinic.
                                         Above: another of the pyralid Rhodophaea formosa.

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