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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Moths in Pots....

I had the garden traps out again last night (10/7) and there was no shortage of moths. With the macros I had 7 four-spotted footmen (4 males and 3 females) and the first of the dun-bars, green arches, double kidneys and plenty of black arches and yellow-tails. Several silver ys were present and I`ve seen quite a few more by day in the garden. Again, I caught a marsh oblique-barred and I read that others are also recording this moth this summer - the hot weather must be encouraging it to wander/disperse.
Some `potted moth photos` below - I have n`t had the chance to take better shots.

                                        Above: Borkhausenia fuscescens - feeds in leaf litter.
   Above: Batrachedra praeangusta. This slender moth is associated with poplars, willows and aspen.
 Above: Monochroa cytisella - associated with bracken. It may be the first time that I`ve personally had this moth. `Click on pic`to enlarge (to see the markings etc).
                                          Above: Parornix sp. - I`ll have to look further at this.
Above: I also caught one these recently - Schreckensteinia festaliella (when some may recall that I had one of my (in)famous `crossed wires` mistakes when naming the photo).

 Above: Thinking that it might be one of the minors, this moth had me `foxed`, but George kindly suggested that it might an unusual form of marbled beauty. Upon looking it up, there is a tawny form of that species - something that I`ve not seen before with all my previous individuals being the more usual glaucous grey types. Thanks George for solving the i/d mystery.
Postscript: Barry has since suggested (see `comments`) that it is a female small dotted buff, which seems to be the case.


  1. Small Dotted Buff I suspect? Glad to see you're back trapping Mrs Morgan

  2. Sorry Ian, auto correct getting me in trouble again!

  3. Barry has cracked it - presumably this is a female