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Monday, 16 July 2018

More new species for Gors Road

I spent a few minutes looking hard at the Lead and July Belle illustrations before I realised the subtle lines of colour and hooked forewing tips meant it was something else.
Shaded Broad Bar.
But a tiny pinkish moth looking like a Wainscot could only be a Small Rufous.
I also spent a lot of time staring at illustrations of Tortrixes before I looked elsewhere and managed to identify this handsomely marked micro.
Carcina quercana


  1. Not seen a Shaded broad bar yet up this way (North). Only one Yellow Shell so far as well! Very different to my old Ox15 post code. The photos of your Small Rufous and quercana are certainly picking out the reds, I can't recall seeing a quercana with such colour - must have just emerged.

  2. Probably my post-processing, although online pictures look lovely