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Saturday, 7 July 2018

More from Pwll...

Taking advantage of a `spare time slot`, I put out the garden traps again last night (6/7) but a car defect currently prevents me from trapping way from home (it`s due to be repaired on Monday).

Once more, a typical range of early July moths with highlights including more Argolamprotes micella, Phycita roborella, Anania stachydalis, Hypsopygia glaucinalis, blackneck, scarce footman, four-spotted footman (x3 males) and double-line.

 Above: Hypsopygia glaucinalis - unknown in Carms until recently, this pyralid is now more frequently recorded as it establishes itself.
            Above: Phycita roborella - I get Rhodophaea formosa more regularly than this one!
                              Above: the ever-slim scarce footman, mostly coastal in Carms.

It`s worth trapping in this heat wave - unusual wanderers can turn up!

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