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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Micros and a tiny Macro

There was nothing spectacular in last night's trap which appeared to be affected by slightly breezy conditions. However I did find one new noctuid - I believe this is Small Wainscot, despite holding its wings in a tented posture.

The rest of the new finds were Micros
Handsome Agapeta hamana.
And another new Tortrix
There were two Cydia splendana.
And a largish Crambid.
I believe this is Scoparia subfusca.
Finally I found two micros that may be of the same species, about the sze of a small tortrix, with a flat profile and creases in the wing corners. Any ideas?


  1. Those Torts both look like worn Rhopobota naevana, with typical square-ended wings because of a fold.

  2. Invaluable help Sam, that makes complete sense now. Should have photographed them sideways.