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Friday, 13 July 2018

Maenol Hosts Butterfles, too

This Red Admirable allowed me to watch it wake up this morning:

The MV on Wednesday night attracted a host of moths, with Uncertain/Rustic, Dark Arches, Heart & Dart, Common Rustic (agg), Straw Dot, Elephant Hawk Moth and Clouded Border making up a high proportion of the catch.  Large YU are not yet as numerous, and the more familiar Carpet Moths (Garden, Common & Silver Ground) were notable for their absence.  However, Red Twin-spot was a FFY, as were several micros including the Pyralid Gold Triangle.   I may add others to the blog later for completeness - if I get around to it!

Agriphila selasella rather than A.tristella, I believe....

...and I've got these two Ermines down as, respectively, Yponomeuta evonymella and E.padella:

Confirmation and/or contrary views would be welcome!

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