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Friday, 20 July 2018

I took a walk along the marsh bank at Hendy Cricket Ground yesterday, my usual haunt for butterflies. The pictures below show the stark difference in conditions from this year to last. The path would normally have Common Blue, Burnet, Skippers, Burnet Companions and the expected whites. This year, NOTHING !

2018 above, 2017 below

 I did though, have numerous Gatekeeper

 4 Common Blue on disturbed land at the entrance

Several Small Copper on the parched grass and a  good number of Speckled  Wood in the tree lined areas.


  1. Yes, it`s a repeat of 1976 when many species took a `hit` as it was too dry and sunny. You can`t win!
    Was it in this area Mike that you had the dark green frit recently or your garden?

  2. I had 14 species of butterfly in my garden yesterday. 4 Red Admiral, 7 Peacock, 2 Painted Lady, 2 Comma. FFY were Holly Blue and Small Copper. The big ginger job was either a Siler washed or Dark green frit., took off too quick. Pulling up my pea sticks and a Golden ringed dragonfly promptly landed on the end of one, what a great view. More hummingbird HM but yet to see a common blue.

  3. I had my first holly blues too (on Thurs).