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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Had a lovely Brimstone in my garden on the 21st, and my cat brought me an Elephant Hawkmoth caterpillar this morning 24th July.


  1. Brimstone butterflies have their HQ in Carms here in the south-east and your record fits the pattern Mike.
    If you want an alder buckthorn shrub (food-plant of the brimstone, ultimately to c 6 x 6 ft), let me know Mike and we can arrange for you to have one in the autumn. You`ll then get them regularly!

  2. PS - you should try moth trapping in your`ll get good stuff and great fun at Hendy, with good habitat nearby.
    Give it a try, or treat yourself to a moth trap for Christmas or for your birthday.

  3. Been my plan for a while Ian, I shall invest soon. Moth trap that is!