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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Elephant Hawks Still Around ...

... in more than one guise.  My wife came face-to-face with this one whilst she was picking blueberries for breakfast this morning:

It seemed to be more or less fully-grown, what could it have been doing 1m or so from the ground in a blueberry bush?  Meanwhile, an Elephant HM was amongst a handful of moths in my small actinic trap this morning.  I can hardly remember a time when there hasn't been at least one, usually more, in a trap.  There has certainly been an abundance of them this year.

There was very little else worthy of mention in the trap this morning, which didn't surprise me following a cold, clear night.  Three FFYs though, Twin-spot Carpet, Magpie Moth and Ruby Tiger.


  1. I haven't had one (Elephant HM) this year yet but maybe not so attracted to atinic bulb in porch. I had some last year.

  2. I have had several Elephants this year attracted to my actinic. A few years ago I also had the caterpillars when I dug up an area to convert to wild flower meadow.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I've only used actinic for trapping recently and have caught EHM each time, but like Sally I've never seen one at the porch light. There should be plenty of caterpillars around this year, judging by the number of adults around.