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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Casual find.

I thought I would put out 6W actinic tube at the bottom of the garden this evening. As I put the battery on charge, I found this poor little blighter on my workshop bench. Must have dropped in over the last week while I have been running the MV and left the door open.
Broad-barred White


  1. I hope that your 6W actinic tube does better at the bottom of the garden than mine did in the field last night. Broad-barred White is a good record.

  2. Broad-barred White is an excellent record. Most of the 34 previous sightings are from the southern half of the county, with Carmarthen and Carmel the most northern except for two records from Argothi, Pumsaint by Mr A Williams in 1996 (I don't know who he is/was but he caught a cracking load of moths that year - nearly 150 species including pyralids).

  3. A Williams is Arfon Williams. He did some recording whilst working for Tir Cymen/Tir Gofal but he now works for RSPB Cymru.

  4. Ah, that makes sense - I remember Arfon as an excellent birder, but it's no surprise he made a load of good records when he turned his hand to mothing.