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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Bumper moth catches at Pwll too...

I left the usual two traps out last night at Pwll (2/7) and there was a really good diversity and numbers awaiting me this morning. I had my first silver y`s (x4) for a long time (so there is some migration) and there were several apparent FFYs such as 4-spotted footman (x 5) and black arches; there were plenty of yellow-tails, lackeys, Argolamprotes micella (this micro really seems to have established itself this year), a couple more Rhodophaea formosa, short-cloaked moth, Anania stachydalis and Gelechia sororculella.

                      Above: The first of the season`s four-spotted footmen (female L, male R).
                                                        Above: short-cloaked moth.
 Above: Anania stachydalis. I believe that it is this species rather than A. coronata; it feeds on hedge woundwort.
                        Above: the gelichiid Gelechia soroculella (with damaged left wing).

Really good to see the ongoing efforts of North Carmarthenshire trappers, with an excellent further record of v-moth by Andy Turner and also Jane`s - and Andy`s - cloaked carpet (adding to the trapping done by Chris Handoll and Sally Hall in the same general area). The v-moth seems to be confined to the S side of the Teifi catchment in Carms - I wonder if it is found on the N side of the same river in Ceredigion? - something for the vc46 moth`ers to ascertain. I`ve not seen either species.


  1. Could it be that the silver Y moths are now locally bred from the previously high numbers 5 weeks ago?
    I have been catching mainly P.stachydalis. Recently also had P.coronata.

  2. Good to see that you're trapping again, Ian.

  3. I believe that prior to Andy's the only V-moths recorded in the county in recent history were by myself and Jacqueline (last year, in the Pontweli area I think) I've not seen one reported in Ceredigion, and I follow their blog regularly. Cloaked Carpet does occur in Ceredigion, from memory Sarah has recorded the species in Aberporth.

  4. Andy - maybe, but there was a big influx elsewhere last night.
    Steve - probably not on a regular basis - alas, just a `window of opportunity` at present.
    Chris - thanks for the extra info.

  5. I have had Cloaked Carpet but I have yet to get the V moth but patiently waiting!