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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Bancyffordd 3/7 - little room left !

I included this first shot as an example of what I am 'putting up with' isn't funny and there are two sides to each egg tray ! I hear the cry of stop whinging.  
I can't really see many of the moths and any micro moths that are around are either not entering the trap or are venturing in and quite worn when I find them. This morning I gave up scribing at 69 species as I was missing things as they flew off. So, I simply tapped the moths out and tried to find something before it escaped. I ended up recording anything that I thought was a new species for my garden list started this year, 10 new species as it happens.

Only one Dotted Clay (perhaps more), although I guess a common moth in these parts. Not a species that I am that familiar with. 
C.pinella seemed to have escaped the mayhem

P.purpuralis, a bit shabby and knocked about.


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