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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Bancyffordd 21/7

A reasonably good catch of commoner moths. A couple of new tortix moths, A.emargana and the fruit growers favourite C.pomonella - Codling Moth.
I am trying to photograph a very small but distinctively marked white moth that I believe to be Leucoptera laburnella and will post a shot later if I succeed.

I didn't. Here is a really bad shot of a stunning little (4mm long) moth that I've not previously seen.


  1. I think the little moth is beyond my technology and accompanying skill set.

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  3. A comment from Pembs: One of our local mothers has Laburnum Leaf-miners by the hundred in his garden - could it be one of these?

  4. Andy, I've just come back from a micro moth ident course at FSC Orielton, I canvassed opinion on your Leucoptera, the consensus view was that the species (at least 4) cannot be separated reliably 'in the field', but OK if an association can be shown with the food plant. I will be keeping an eye on my laburnum for leaf mines.

  5. Thanks Chris and Rosemary. I have been at my Mum's but now I'm back I might think about checking my laburnum hedge for leaf mines. It's about 70m long so I smiled after reading the comment from Rosemary as a single moth record makes me think of needles and hay stacks.