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Monday, 16 July 2018

Bancyffordd 15/7

I ran the actinic on Friday night but nothing interesting to report. Another Hummingbird HM during the day.
Last night I ran my MV and was greeted with a buzzing sound as I approached early this morning. Nothing shorting out, just lots of wasps...I have a nest in my Cabbage patch.
The trap was emptied quickly and cautiously with only FFY and scarcer species noted.
I am pleased to have put myself on the list of those that trap Black Arches(2). Bordered Beauty, Common Footman and Dark Marbled Carpet showed up. 2 Gold Spangle, 2 Cloaked Carpet.

The following three shots all have a varying degree of uncertainty about them as follows:
Ear Moth ag., debating whether or not to have a go at the genitalia

I am not too good with these. I had a go because it was well marked......nervously Agonopterix nervosa ?
 I am pretty useless with these, nicely marked, should be 'easy'.....I would be happy to have got the family correct as Gelechidae ?


  1. That's a very nice Agonopterix, I think it has to be nervosa.

    The final one is Blastobasis adustella.

  2. It's a good job that George came early with his advice, like you I would have been searching high and low amongst the Gelechidae for your little grey and white job.
    I haven't had trouble with wasps for several years (touching wood!), then I found that the only solution was to get to the trap before they did and switch the light off. They lost interest once the light was off.