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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Another Scarce Burnished Brass

Scarce Burnished Brass new for Cnwc headlined 102 species of Macro to my MV last night (7/7), whilst Aliemma loeflingiana and Scoparia subfusca were both new among 39 species of Micro.  The big heatwave numbers are still continuing, although I'm not sure if I'll be trapping at Cnwc again before the weather breaks.  Other highlights (photos underlined) were a Gold Spangle (2nd Cnwc record), Agriphila inquinatella (2nd Cnwc record), Argyresthia conjugella (2nd Cnwc record), Apotomis semifascia (3rd Cnwc record), Marsh Oblique-barred, Dark Spectacle, Dark Swordgrass, 15 True Lover's-knot, Narrow-winged Pug, 5 Dotted Clay, 3 Northern Spinach, Lesser Cream Wave, Grass Emerald and Phlyctaenia stachydalis.

Johnny enjoyed a handful of 'Stick Moths'!

This is the 15th Carmarthenshire site to host Scarce Burnished Brass, which is a west Wales speciality.  The recorded sites are:
Erw-las (Llwynhendy), Glynhir, Graig (Halfway), Job's Well Road (Carmarthen), Saron, NBGW, Pembrey Burrows, Pembrey Forest, Pembrey Post Office, Penclacwydd, Pendine MOD, St Clears, Tyrwaun (Pwll), Bancyfordd and Brechfa.


  1. I should have read Steve and Adam's posts before putting up my crappy worn Marsh Oblique-barred and faded stachydalis!!

  2. A wonderful photo of Johnny's 'stick moths' Sam! Yesterday morning I was looking at one from my trap in wonderment at how the amazing shape, pattern and coloration has developed over, presumably, countless thousands of years in response to environmental influences. Truly a marvel of nature.