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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Well done all - comments from a (temporarily) inactive recorder...

Although I`m not able to trap at present, I occasionally look at the blog to see what is being recorded.
It is good that several `regulars` are still trapping (and blogging) and some recent records stand out (I may well have forgotten some). Edward O`Connor`s beautiful hook-tip at WWT Penclacwydd is one of those noteworthy records. The first record for Carmarthenshire was actually made by another (now ex-) WWT employee - Barry Stewart at Glyn Hir and I`ve also had it a couple of times here at Pwll.

Jane Hand`s clouded buff records are other really good ones. I`d seen this often daytime-flying moth many years ago* on Mynydd Mallaen (above Cilycwm) and there have been one or two (can`t remember exactly) records by RSPB staff from - I think - high ground SW of Cwm Pysgotwr, all sites quite close to Jane`s Rhandirmwyn home. It would be good, if possible, if some daytime searches could be made elsewhere among not too overgrazed upland vegetation in the area. I also had clouded buff a few years back in the Ffarmers area, close to the Ceredigion boundary.

The recent record of three reddish light arches at Pembrey Country Park (Paul Aubrey, Mat Ridley et al) is another important record.

Adam re your Cnephasia. Chris is correct - most/all need dissection to be sure. I`ve had a couple from very close to you at Burry Port previously dissected and I`ll get back to you re which species in due course.

* I`ve now found the relevant diary entry (for June 26th 1986):

"Went with David [Dafydd] Davies**, Rhandirmwyn to Nant y Rhaeadr and over onto Mynydd Mallaen, collecting several species of beetle en route. All three Carms species of clubmoss were noted, also beech fern Phegopteris connectilis and, surprisingly, on top of Mynydd Mallaen, clumps of Carex paniculata. Whinchats and dippers, green hairstreaks and a clouded buff moth....were other species of interest..."
** When I referred to Dafydd Davies, I always added the place-name suffix `Rhandirmwyn`, as there was another David Davies who was a contemporary Carms naturalist; the latter owned the Glanranell Park Hotel (c NE of Talley). In June 1986, Dafydd and I were primarily on the `look out` for beetles (hopefully of an upland nature); Dafydd did a lot of pioneering work on Coleoptera and he was known by the nickname `Dai Beetles` at Pendine when he took beetle-hunting holidays there.

(I`ll be glad to re-start moth trapping/recording, but not for at a least a few weeks. Don`t worry - I will return! Keep up the good work all)


  1. Thanks, as ever, for all your help Ian.

  2. It's great to see keen new bloggers in Carms - welcome one and all!

  3. Yes, thanks for everyone's help and encouragement.