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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Thirsty butterfly at Pwll, Llanelli.

I had watered some pot plants this morning (30/6) and was pleasantly surprised to see a white-letter hairstreak sipping at the water droplets. I`ve had this species before and it doubtless breeds on nearby hedgerow elms.

I also had a red admiral in the garden yesterday, so it`ll be worth looking out for migrant moths; indeed tonight (Sat) looks a good night to trap.

....and, another butterfly....Mike Harper sent me this photo of a dark green fritillary from his garden at Hendy in extreme SE Carms:

....and, finally, a nice photo of a lackey caterpillar at Pembrey Burrows, taken and sent to me today by Nigel Stringer:


  1. Nice one. I just had a Purple H come down to some Sweet Williams but no luck with a photo. Red Admiral and Painted Lady around.

  2. Fabulous, must make an effort to see and photograph this species.

  3. Adam, try the elms at c SN455009 eastwards along the footpath from the level crossing, or the lane c SN419032 on the N side of Ffrwd Fen by Ty Mawr