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Friday, 29 June 2018

Small Bloodvein - a new moth in my Garden

I was pleased to find this interesting wave in the trap.
On examination I realised it was a Small Bloodvein, a moth I had never seen before.
I was also pleased to find this Drinker, not rare, but impressive.
I also found a Northern Spinach, but it's not keen on having it's picture taken.


  1. Good photos as always Adam (the same goes for Steve Clarke`s recent offerings). Small blood-vein is a good record. I recall that I`ve had it (just) once or twice and Mel has also caught it at Llansteffan.

  2. 17 years since we last recorded Small Blood-vein at Cwmllwyd.

  3. I never know if it's rare, only of I haven't seen it before...
    Compliments about my pictures are always much appreciated Ian.

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