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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Saturday Night at Maenol

The MV trap stood alone here last night.  A modest catch, nothing unusual, a few firsts for the year including Lobster Moth, Green Silver-lines, Ingrailed Clay, and Rivulet - rather than Small Rivulet, I think, on account of its size, in spite of the slight second indentation in the white cross-band - but I'll accept a contrary opinion on that.  Also a pug, which I believe is a Mottled Pug.


  1. Yes looks good for Mottled Pug, and I'm sure you're right with the Rivulet given the size of it.

  2. Thank you George. I had a couple more Mottled Pugs this morning and a Small Rivulet, definitely small species this time.