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Friday, 29 June 2018

Plant eaters

Something has been munching my Solomon's Seal...big time. They looked like sawfly larvae and a quick check on the internet shows that someone has named them the Solomon's Seal Sawfly. Nice piece of alliteration if nothing else.
My Great Mullein, so called because of its height? was looking marvellous but certainly not great! I was waiting for the flowers to open on the 7ft tall spike (2.13m in new money) and they kept disappearing. I found 11 of some far more interesting caterpillars that I believe are The Mullein, not sure if I have even seen the adult moth.

The Solomon Seal Sawfly larvae at work.

1 of 11 'The Mullein' larva

1 comment:

  1. That`s a mullein all right - it`s often easier to record the caterpillars rather than the adult - just look out for eaten mullein leaves. They will also eat Buddleia leaves.
    Keep up the good work Andy.