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Monday, 18 June 2018

NMN Saturday 16th June 2018

The weather was a little bit more kind on Saturday night, so the MV trap was sited in the alder grove, under a fisherman's brolly. I was called out at 04.00 on Sunday, so I switched off the light, put a lid on the trap and having had a quick check around the trap to ensure that I did not miss any rarities, or other important moths, I left. It was late morning before I was able to check the contents of the trap, when I found that 149 moths of 41 species were inside. Five of the moths were FFY: Double Line, Drinker and Blood Vein, along with:

 Female Ghost Moth

Knot Grass


  1. First Garden Tiger now Drinker Moth Steve, you're way ahead of me. The earliest appearance of these species here from previous years' records is June 25th and 23rd respectively. I really do need to pull my socks up!

    1. On the other hand I had Knot Grass on 24 May!

    2. I reckon it's about even, Chris; good job it's not a race!

  2. I'd love to get a Ghost Moth, never seen one. Must look at Daffyd Davies' records and see if he had them here in Rhandirmwyn

  3. I would be very surprised if if he didn't.