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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

New moths in Burry Port

Last night's trap produced a number of new moths for the garden and myself - the good weather makes almost every night worth a trap, but I try to give the moths a rest every other night.
Firstly I had what looks like two second generation Engrailed, much better marked specimens than the one in the last trap - but could it be Small Engrailed? How do you tell?
At first I was puzzled by this curious greenish moth until I realised it was a worn Cream-bordered Pea. My first.

Another first was this diminutive and delightfully marked Small Yellow Wave.
And a new micro - I think this is a rather worn specimen of Acleris bergmanniana.

And my first Dun-Bar

Finally, I was very pleased to find my first Red-necked Footman, although in this case Yellowy-orange-necked Footman might be more appropriate. Very handsome though.


  1. If my memory serves me well, Small engrailed is singled brooded which helps for ID of second generation Engrailed. Bermanianna looks ok, I had my first one a couple of nights back. Never seen cream bordered green pea.

  2. That`s a cream-bordered green pea all right! A first-rate record Adam - well done once again. I`ve had it at Pwll and Mel has had it at Llansteffan and now, you too in between, at Burry Port.

  3. Yes, a bit late for Small Engrailed. Ian, it was a great little trap.