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Thursday, 14 June 2018

More Maenol Micros

I believe that recent posts by Adam and Andy may have helped me put names to two micros that were in my MV trap on Monday morning.

                                         Orthotaenia undulana?

                                          Notocelia trimaculana?

The following are images I posted a few days ago of one I tentatively identified as Dichrorampha acuminatana.  When I came to add it to the record sheet I found that there was no provision for the species (on my copy, at least), even though it has been recorded before, according to the 2016 species list, so confirmation would be very welcome.



  1. I agree with the first two Chris. Dichrorampha are a tricky lot and I wouldn't like to offer an opinion on this from a photo.

  2. Looks right to me but I'm not great on micros.

  3. Thank you both, it looks as though I'll have to record Dichrorampha sp., a shame since it's so distinctive. There should be a law stating that all species should have visibly unique characteristics, never mind the genetics! I'll just have to stand in the potting shed until another one lands on me, and get its genitals checked.

  4. I also trapped a Dichrorampha the other night. acuminatana was top of my list but I put my down as sp.