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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Maenol on Monday Night

Not the bumper harvest that others had, rather disappointing in fact particularly as far as macros were concerned, only two FFYs: Burnished Brass and Pale Mottled Willow.

I fared better with micros though, they comprised 18 of the 47 species recorded, and included the smallest moth I have seen:

I imagine that it could be any one of a number of Stigmella species, although S.aurella might be the most likely.  Any advice would be welcome.

Other species worthy of note were Notocelia (Epiblema) rosaecolana, Eucosma cana, and what I believe to be Gypsonoma dealbana:

           Notocelia rosaecolana                             Eucosma cana 

           Gypsonoma dealbana

As always I am open to alternative suggestions for any of these species!


  1. We have been without power today so only just picked up your post. I will take a closer look in the morning as you look to have a couple of torts O have been looking out for.

  2. Hello Chris, I had what I think were E.cana & E.hohenwartiana last night, good for comparison.
    I think I have N.rosaecolana in the fridge.
    The last one looks like G.dealbana to me also but one that I didn't catch.
    Like you, I also find it useful to get feedback/assistance from others with more experience. I wish I could remember half the stuff I learned from Fred Butcher while living in Kent.

  3. I think both of my moths are E.trimaculana. I am thinking that the curved end to the costa should be quite noticeable. Will follow this to see if you get any confirmation.

  4. The costal strigulae are the key distinguishing features so I understand (rosaecolana v trimaculana) I had two more unidentified tortrixes(-ices) this morning in my small trap, will try to blog later. I will be sharing your power-cut grief tomorrow, Western Power are replacing high voltage supply cables on our land.