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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

If only....... had been National Moth Night last night! I deployed the MV trap in the garden at Cwmllwyd on the 12th June and was rewarded with a catch of 263 moths; my first bumper crop of the year. There were 76 species present and of these, there were 25 FFY. Among the more interesting of them were Four-dotted Footman, Double Line, Waved Carpet, Striped Wainscot, Lunar Thorn, Nutmeg, Map-winged Swift and Mottled Beauty.

 Striped Wainscot

 Lunar Thorn

 Map-winged Swift

Small Dotted Buff

Among the micros was this Acrobasis sp. - as usual, please help with this one!

I've just discovered that Nutmeg is somewhat rare in the county: it's entirely possible that I've got this one wrong - here's a photo and I would welcome your comments and corrections!


  1. That was a good result, Steve. As you say, it's a pity NMN wasn't a few days earlier. Nutmeg looks good but I guess that Sam might have to agree, not many County records, it would be a nice one! Can't help with the pyralid, though, I've only had Phycita roborella and A.advenella here, it looks as though yours is one of the light brown ones unless it's lost colour.

  2. Thanks, Chris. I'm very happy to await a definitive answer on the Nutmeg from Sam; when he has the time. The possible Acrobasis was rather more brightly coloured than shows in the photo.

  3. The pyralid is Ephestia rather than Acrobasis - note the placement of the first cross band which is near the middle of the wing. In Acrobasis it would be nearer the wing base.

    The Nutmeg doesn't look quite right to me but I don't have a better suggestion!

  4. Most grateful for your response, George, many thanks. I initially thought that the micro could an Ephestia. but was concerned about the paucity of Carms records - only three of all species up to 2016. Probably not the best method for identification! The moth was not kept for Gen Det., so it will have to be logged as Ephestia sp.

    As to the "Nutmeg" (sic), I have no previous experience of the species and yet I become more and more positive, if only because I can't find any thing else that seems more likely!

  5. Thanks Steve...for what it's worth my money is on Dusky Brocade!

  6. Oh, yes! How remiss of me to have missed Apamea remissa! And how obvious it is once pointed out. DB is also a first for me (and a much more likely one, too), so I should not be too disappointed.

  7. Ha, I'll have to remember that remiss pun and use it myself in future! DB is one of those species that always seems to look like something more interesting!