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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Extempore Trapping

I hadn't intended to trap until the weekend, but at the last moment (10pm) changed my mind and set up the small actinic trap at the back last night.  By 4am when I closed it down a cold wind had developed and there were no moths around, so I had little hope of getting many.  To make matters worse, when I opened the trap there were none of the usual egg box enclosures - I had neglected to check the inside last night.  However, I did count 27 moths of  16 species, so the effort was worthwhile.  The most numerous were Double Dart (6) and White Ermine (4), FFYs Buff Arches and Willow Beauty.

        Mottled Beauty and friend                       Willow Beauty

I hope that these are right, the two species often confuse me.

A quartet of Double darts


  1. I'm getting a pack of Magnum Icecreams tomorrow, then I might get some Double Darts!!!!!!

  2. You North Carms mother`s seem to do well with double darts. I`ll buy you a can of Double Dragon (beer) Chris, if I get a double dart! From memory, I`ve only had it about twice, as singles (but not at my home trap).

  3. I'll hold you to that Ian, it'll go well with a Magnum! The sacrifice of having to eat them is well worth it, Jane.