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Friday, 8 June 2018

Busy night in Bancyffordd 7th June

With the MV trap containing in excess of 400 moths, I knew it was going to take me a while to sort through them. I reached 90 species with Oblique Carpet (new to me) which also made the 18th FFY. On the way, it seems I should have taken a photo of the Dark Spectacle. 3 Miller were nice to see along with Green Silver Lines and Green Arches.
Like a fool I pressed for the magic hundred by adding a few micro moths and hit a wall at 97. I have some photos of a few that would give me my century if anyone can help.

 P.porrectella...I think.
 I should remember this tortrix but I don't. 13mm long
 Is this a tortrix? 9mm long
Tortrix ? 11mm long
Another tortrix? 10mm long
No idea what family this tiny moth belongs to, Gracillariidae? About 5mm long
And finally, an unusual macro - 17mm. I assume a melanistic form of something fem Brown Rustic ? 


  1. Nice crop of micros wish, I could help you!

  2. I might be able to help slightly by suggesting that the brown tortricids photos 3&4 are very probably Bactra lancealana, a very common grassland moth around here, photo 5 might well be the same species, they are very variable. Plutella porrectella seems a good guess for photo 1, my suggestion for the bird-dropping tortrix 2 would be Epiblema cirsiana/scutulana.

  3. Thanks Chris, I was coming to the same conclusion about lancealana duplication. I caught a number of other micros that I have not even begun to question. 15 years without any serious trapping makes you realise how much you can forget. Anyhow, I found a Red necked footman just emerged down the bottom of the garden on the 7th, so happily contented with my 100 for the day. I might sleep easy tonight but will probably have my traps running instead.