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Saturday, 9 June 2018

Building up to NMN

Yes, it's 'National Moth Night' next week, starting on Thursday (just a reminder) so I decided to get some practice in last night.  A surprising number of moths visited the traps - surprising because I used two actinic traps which generally get a smaller turn-out than the MVs.  Total numbers yet to be calculated, but notable species were Poplar Grey, Red-necked Footman (first appearances of both here since 2015); Double Line, a striking-looking moth that's become quite common in the county in recent years; and the pyralids Ringed China-mark and Phlyctaenia stachydalis:

                 Double Line                                Red-necked Footman

                  Poplar Grey

          Phlyctaenia stachydalis                        Ringed China-mark

I'm still working on the identity of several more micros, so may well add them later together with a final tally.

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