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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Beauties in Burry Port

The night turned unexpectedly cold and I didn't get the number of moths I had hoped for. Willow beauty is usually very common in my garden, and I was beginning to believe that the Mottled Beauty I recorded in one of my first traps was a figment of my inexperienced imagination. Therefore I was very pleased to find this speciment in the trap this morning.
Mottled Beauty

I was also delighted to find a moth I had never seen before, a little like a thorn, with a fold in its wings and a tense posture.
Lilac Beauty


  1. Lilac beauty is always nice to see. It`s a thin-on-the-ground type of moth.
    Good work Adam.

  2. Lilac Beauty. Deeply envious Adam.

  3. Beats my two Beauties hands down! Likewise envious, I've only ever had two here, back in 2013. Time for another one!