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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Bancyffordd night of 9th June

Busy once again. 95 species of which about 15 FFY.
P.stachydalis (below) and P.lancealis both put in an appearance.

A couple of Dark Spectacle.

A probable Dark Dagger (I have small fingers), genitalia not examined.
P.combinella....a mini Buff Tip
...and unlike many moths that are difficult because they are just shades of brown, there is this brightly coloured little horror that is testing my tiredness because I can't identify it. If either P. leuwenhoekella or schwarzella then seemingly not on Carmarthenshire list? Perhaps I am not looking in the right family.


  1. I had the same brightly coloured little horror in my trap yesterday morning Adam, I'm calling mine Mompha locupletella, was going to put a photo on the blog but since you've done so I won't bother!

    1. Sorry, I meant Andy, Andy! Had Adam on the brain for some reason.

    2. Magic. Much appreciated