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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Bancyffordd 29/6 - another impressive night

13 FFY included Small E Hawk, Large Emerald, True Lover's Knot, Drinker, Small Yellow Wave, Dark Fruit Tree Tortrix and Tawny-barred Angle. The final one surprised because of the date so I am guessing that it is single brooded in South Wales.
I put in some extra egg boxes last night and was pleased I did. I don't count the total number per species unless they are scarce so my estimate of the catch was 350+.
Cloaked Carpet, Sharp-angled Carpet (4), Clay Triple Lines, July Belle, Brussels Lace, Garden Tiger all showed up. My final species count was 114 and included a few new micro moths. I wish I had more experience to be able to tackle some of the more tricky ones.

With 'everyone' seeing small blood vein, I thought my luck was in, then realised it was a Clay-triple lines.
 July Belle
 I put this down as Bud Moth, S.ocellana, pale version
I struggled with this one until I took the photo which revealed the markings although weak. Under a hand lens I was thinking perhaps N.nubilana but I now think Light Grey Tortrix C.incertana.

Any comments gladly received, I have very tired eyes this morning.

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