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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Bancyffordd 25/6, another full on session

The variety of moths in this area has surpassed my expectations. Including micros I clocked up 86 species in my MV last night. A very dark Brown China-mark threw me a curved ball as my immediate reaction was that it was something I had not seen before. Another Double Dart was coaxed into the trap without the use of Magnum lollipop sticks. Then came a Cloaked Carpet which I know I have not seen before. A splash of colour was provided by the first Common Emerald and Barred Yellow.

I added three more tortix moths to my garden list and then made an attempt at this plume, P.pallidactyla, I think (60%)
Being up for a challenge, I then had a closer look through tired eyes at these two well marked individuals that I have always found quite difficult :
D.lacustrata (60%)

 E.delunella (80%)
The final species that I potted up but couldn't ID is somewhere down the back of the dresser. 


  1. How you've managed to check out 86 spp by mid-morning amazes me, Andy, I would be struggling into the afternoon! I closed my traps down at 4.30am, photographed and/or potted up any loiterers outside, then went back to bed. I've yet to start checking the contents, had to water the garden first which takes a while. I was wondering when you would get your first Cloaked Carpet, fairly inevitable having caught the Sharp-angled a little while back.

    1. Full of expectation I went to bed at 0100hrs having ID 60+. The dog woke me at 0345 so I got up and did the trap. Went back to bed until 0645 then got up to let the chickens out and finish off the challenging few. Mucked out the chickens, picked the veg, watered two of my veg patches and there is a high chance of me doing very little other than sleeping for the remainder of the day, although the poly tunnel will need some H2O.

    2. Reading your routine left me exhausted! But it does explain things, I generally retire at about 2230 hours so the traps don't get monitored, my eyesight is not up to identifying any but the most distinctive moths on the move and in poor light - certainly wouldn't manage most of the micros. I rely heavily on photography, which is why the process of going through the catch takes so long. Of course, the advantage of watching the trap through the evening is that you see species which pay it a visit but don't hang around.

  2. P.S. Photo 4 is E.delunella 99.9%, a couple turned up here last night.

  3. Really well done Andy. Cloaked carpet and double dart seem to be spp that you North Carms moth`ers are more successful in trapping. Never seen cloaked carpet and double dart only c twice.