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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Bancyffordd 11/6

Cooler last night and far fewer geometrids in the trap. Always nice to see green moths and last night saw the first light emeralds. 68 species and one that I am trying to find a family for (see below). One Miller and couple of Dark Spectacle. Nice to find a double dart and my first grey arches of the year (already had dark and green) along with a cinnabar to add a splash of colour.
Grey Arches
I think this is N.trimaculana.
 I have trapped several of this species but don't know what it is?
 Double Dart


  1. I'm pretty sure that your unknown species is a caddis fly, Andy. Typical pear-shape posture with forward pointing antennae, loads of them around of all sizes, some easily mistaken for a moth - we've all been there! Nice to see the Double Dart, I get them here but not yet this year. Incidentally where are you, is it the Bancyffordd just south of Llandysul? If so it's not surprising that we're getting a similar range of moth species because I'm only a couple of miles away as the crow flies, between Pencader and Llanfihangel-ar-Arth.

  2. Yes, a caddis. They always trip us up!

    The tortricid looks good for trimaculana.

  3. Thanks for comments. I have vague recollections of falling for the caddis fly trick many years ago.
    Yes, Bancyfforth s of Llandysul.