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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Bancyffordd 19/6

Overcast and a bit windy with light misty rain didn't deter the moths or me. A good haul of 70 species with a few troublesome things left to identify and photograph.
Along with other posts I returned my first Four-dotted footman, Brussels Lace and Double line, the latter two being new species for me. Another new one was sharp angled carpet. New pugs for the year were Wormwood and Green.
Seemed to be a good night for tortrix moths.
I pinched a slate off of the roof and have tried to improve my rubbish photography.
Sharp angled carpet

A.hamana (100%)

 C.lacunana (95%)

 Dichrorampha sp. (80%)

 Large Fruit tree tortrix (100%)

 Marbled Orchard tortrix (95%)

 I was struggling with this one, been working on it, E.angustana (95%). 

I narrowed this 'pyralid' down to Scoparia sp, At first I was thinking ambigualis but seems to have rather washed out appearance. Requires genitalia I expect. 


  1. The last but one (the 0% one) looks like Eupoecelia angustana.

    1. Many thanks. I got there on my own in the end having had a strong coffee. Nice to see I found the right one when I revisited the page.

  2. Love the percentages! And agree with your IDs, and Ian's.