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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Another good night!

I can't keep up with Andy T at Bancyffordd but I am very happy with 222 moths of 60 species including 11 FFY at Cwmllwyd last night (Wednesday 27th June)! The usual suspects were good, too, with 10 Double Line, 4 more Striped Wainscott, 10 Light Emerald, a second Garden Tiger and 24 Udea olivalis! Firsts for the year included Snout, Burnished Brass, Rivulet, Common Swift and Small Dotted Buff, along with those illustrated below:

 Fan-foot (FFY) and Small Fan-foot

 The Miller

 Beautiful Snout

 Eucosma cana

 Large Fruit-tree Tortrix  Archips podana ?

 Paraswammadamia nebulella

Scarlet Tiger


  1. Quality not quantity. At least 5 species I didn't get a sniff of. Agree with A.podana.

  2. I can't keep up with you three, why can't some of these exotic moths come my way? Especially the Scarlet Tiger, I've never seen one here. Had to make do with a Barred Yellow this morning, very pretty though.