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Monday, 21 May 2018

The Alder Grove again!

It's my most favoured trap site at Cwmllwyd for it quite often provides something rather special. And so it was last night (Sunday 20th May). 79 moths of 29 species visited the Robinson trap and among these were a dozen FFY. Pick of the bunch was this pristine and stunningly beautiful Glaucous Shears:

We are fortunate to see one or two of these each year here, or a few hundred feet further up the mountain.

Among the other FFY last night were Small Rivulet, Purple Bar, Barred Umber, Pale Tussock, Coxcomb Prominent and Poplar Hawkmoth. Two more Devon Carpets, along with another three Broom Moths, were also recorded.

Here's one of the Devon Carpets:


  1. Nice result Steve, I love your Glaucous Shears, not one I've seen here. I think that your Robinson trap is more efficient than my Skinner one, which is a wooden box and is not leak-proof. I've long had an ambition to get a Robinson trap but they're expensive, and I've opted to spend the money on the course at FSC Orielton in July which I've found to be enjoyable and instructive. Currently facing the same dilemma this year!

  2. You are clearly getting terrific value for money from attending those courses - you are able to ID very many more micros than I can as a result of your training. The Robinson trap is a great piece of kit, but ridiculously over priced, I think! Any success I have is mostly due to location - it's handy for uncommon moths on Black Mountain!