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Friday, 25 May 2018

Some moths at last

I've had meagre pickings the last few weeks, but things have looked up recently and I have a couple of queries.
Is this Spruce or Grey Pine Carpet? All my previous Spruce Carpet have been well marked and coloured and this one seemed to be less definite somehow.
A confirmation that this is a Common Lutestring?? A New moth for me.
And another new moth, Least Black Arches.

The Poplar Hawkmoths are appearing now - 4 today, also Lunar Thorn, a Marbled Brown and the first Broom Moths and Campions.  Happy Days at last!!!


  1. With that very scalloped median band towards the base of the forewing I think it's safe to call that Spruce carpet.

    And yes to Common Lutestring.