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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Powdered Quaker?

I've not knowingly had a Powdered Quaker, but had this in the trap last week and I did wonder??
Any help with sorting these out from Common Qs would be appreciated


  1. PQ has generally speckled appearance, more pointed wing tips, sometimes two small dots (one each side) quite close to leading edge adjacent to thorax (your pic shows this), two more dots near trailing edge just south of thorax, moth larger and broader than Q - not too helpful unless you've caught both. Yours is PQ: well done.

  2. Thank you so much Steve, I thought it was, but wasn't confident. I've probably had others but when there are so many variations in the CQ, it's easy to miss one.

  3. It doesn't look quite right for PQ to me, especially with that band across the wings. I think it is probably a pale form of Clouded Drab.

  4. George is undoubtedly correct!