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Monday, 28 May 2018

Monstaaaaar Moth Night in Brechfa Forest

I added my bright light to the hyped ambience of Brechfa Forest on the night of 27th May, was woken at 04:00 by the 'illegal gathering' cranking up the volume another notch, and sorted through a trap full of moths to the distant (but still unbelievably loud) beats of the sound system playing 4km (!) away.  The music was much more enjoyable than the 1000s of midges that bit me as I logged over 90 moth species at the Cnwc MV.  Highlights of a bumper catch were:
5 Fox Moth, 6 Scalloped Hooktip, 2 Little Emerald, 1 Common Lutestring, 3 Broken-barred Carpet, 1 Lead Belle (new for Cnwc), 2 Ash Pug (new for Cnwc), 1 Small Seraphim, 3 Barred Umber, 1 Lunar Thorn, 2 Square-spot, 1 Red-necked Footman, 3 Marbled Brown, 2 Pale-shouldered Brocade, 7 Alder Moth, 8 Coronet, 2 Campion, 1 Brown Rustic, 2 Silver Y, 2 Plutella xylostella, 1 Bucculatrix nigricomella and 1 Ancylis mitterbacheriana (new for Cnwc).



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