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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Mild and damp in Rhandirmwyn

A lovely Moth night last night , mild, damp and midgy!
I had 24 species to the actinic, including quite a few Firsts for year - Coxcomb Prominent,Currant Pug, Silver-ground Carpet and a Dark/Grey Dagger.
I also had, what I hope to be, a Light Knot-grass, if someone could confirm it??? Or am I wrong?

And like Adam , I have a micro that I can't start to identify,  although there's nothing new in that!
all help gratefully received.
Another good night tonight according to the local forecast.


  1. Light Knot-grass looks good to me, Jane, though I've never had one. Not many county records, so Sam will probably need to verify it as a first from your site (Code B on his list). A nice record, well done! I think that your micro is a Bee Moth.

  2. Should have known. I've had them before , but this one had such clear colours and markings.
    Thank you Chris.
    I've still got the moth, after I saw how few records there were, I thought I'd better!

  3. Light knot-grass all right...I`m envious. Well done!
    Dafydd Davies had it - I think - from nearby Ty`r Ysgol.

  4. Light Knot Grass; excellent moth - only 11 sightings in the county up to 2016. Described as rare in Carms. Very well done, Jane! I caught one on my first ever trapping session on Black Mountain in 2014 - never seen one since, though.

  5. Really pleased, and it's good that Daffydd Davies had them here too, a nice bit of continuity.
    I was chatting to his daughter last night, obviously a little bit of his expeirience rubbed off somehow!.

  6. There are just 10 previous records of Light Knot-grass (the Gwenffrwd one was duplicated in the database), and I've never seen one anywhere. Well done Jane!
    06/06/2013 Laugharne: Brook Peter Hall
    13/06/2006 Mynydd Llanllwni Martin Lovell
    19/05/2004 Rhydcymerau Martin Lovell
    07/06/2008 Gelli Isaf, Rhydcymerau Martin Lovell
    29/06/2006 Mynydd Pencarreg Martin Lovell
    22/06/2014 Pwll Dudrwyth Steve Clarke
    08/06/1970 Gwenffrwd: RIS Site 139 RIS Staff/Volunteer
    30/05/1978 Rhandirmwyn: RIS Site 346 Dafydd Davies
    14/07/1986 Rhandirmwyn: RIS Site 346 Dafydd Davies
    23/05/2016 Graig, Halfway Peter Sturgess