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Monday, 28 May 2018

Little and Large at Maenol

On the large side, a female Fox Moth invaded the MV trap last night and caused havoc, wouldn't settle down and eventually I had to release her.

The little ones (micros) came in abundance and it'll take some time to sort through them.  One tortricid was particularly striking however:

I think that these moths (there were two of them) are likely to be Epiblema scutulana, but confirmation of this would be welcome.

Parornix sp. again, how frustrating it is to have such distinctive-looking moths and not be able to name the species.  The palps on this one seem to be white, if this is any help:

Finally the surprise of the morning, a very early Cloaked Carpet:

I have come to regard this moth as a July species, although on checking last year's records I find that one turned up on 18 June.


  1. I'm not sure what Sam's policy is on accepting scutulana records. Large and well marked Epiblema such as yours are very likely to be that, though technically they should be dissected I think.

    Parornix for me all go down as Parornix sp unless dissected, though it might be that someone more expect than me can separate them based on external features.

    Envious of the Cloaked Carpet - never seen one!

  2. Thanks George, I'll wait on Sam's policy on scutulana, I've also come to terms with recording Parornix sp but having had several recently will be on the search for mines later on. Cloaked Carpet is clearly resident in this area and crops up on the Ceredigion blog too.

  3. I was interested in your pic of the Cloaked Carpet. It showed the two pieces of Perspex in the trap gaffer taped together. I'm sure that's what everyone does, and so have I now. So much easier. Wouldn't have thought of it. Thanks, and a great moth too!!!!