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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Last Night (Tuesday 15/5) at Maenol

MV and Actinic traps went out last night.  It turned out to be a wet one, but the rain wasn't heavy and with only a light breeze the lamps survived and 35 moths turned up.  The 23 identified species included FFYs Flame Carpet, Clouded Border, Clouded Silver, White Ermine, Iron Prominent, Pale Tussock, Dark Sword-grass, Pale-shouldered Brocade, and two Tortricids which I'm fairly sure are Syndemis musculana and Bactra lancealana:

             Syndemis musculana                        Bactra lancealana

Finding the Bactra in the trap was no surprise since there have been plenty of them fluttering about in the meadows during the sunny weather.

Two other micros were amongst the catch:

I suspect that this may well be Coleophora albicosta, but it may not be possible to be sure of the species from the photo.  Likewise with the grey mini-micro below, but I shall work on the possibility of obtaining a better image.

I forgot to include the pug - Oak-tree Pug I think.


  1. September with you already then Chris!

  2. I think Bactra species caught inland in rushy areas are pretty safe to record as lancealana.

    The Coleophora does look good for albicosta.

    Small grey micros at this time of year are usually Elachista canapennella but yours doesn't look quite right for that somehow.

  3. Thank you George - truly a Worthy Person! I've added a couple of extra images, they do show the change to a paler colour at the termen but that may not help much. Canapennella seems to be the most likely candidate, some of the on-line images are very similar to mine.

    Steve, you know how much I strive to be ahead of the game, nevertheless in future I will try to avoid deliberate mistakes that hasten the passage of time - should know better at my age!

  4. Thanks for the extra photos Chris, that does look good for canapennella. And I agree with the Oak-tree Pug too.

  5. Thank you George, as usual your input has been really helpful and much appreciated.

  6. No problem Chris - I'm trying to help lighten Sam's load a little by helping with ID queries.

  7. That's very good news for us, George, with (hopefully) a busy summer season in prospect, people like me still need a lot of guidance even after several years of trapping.

  8. Me too, Chris! Many thanks George.

  9. Your help is very much appreciated George!